Quantum Food Laser for Neutralizing Additives

For several health advantages, the VitaLazer® Quantum Food Laser is ideal to use on your food! Laser technology is an established field. The programming of The VitaLazer® Food Laser uses the Bio-Photonic information transfer mechanism to neutralize any additives and chemicals present in food and beverages that could be hazardous to your body or cause it harm. The field of laser technology is well-established. The VitaLazer® Quantum Food Laser is programmed to neutralize additives and chemicals in food and beverages that could harm or otherwise hurt your health.



food laser to neutralize additives

The VitaLazer® Food Laser is a laser the size of a pen that has been programmed to neutralize anything that could be toxic or harmful to your body in food and beverages. The laser neutralizes and flushes any toxic particles in your food or drink, such as pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics and hormones, so that they do not stick to your body and create bloating and inflammation. When you laser your food or drinks for 10 seconds, you can protect your body from harmful invaders that were not meant to be consumed in the first place. The VitaLazer® Food Laser also helps restore the highest nutrition in your food and has been shown to neutralize the radiation from microwaving your food.

Ability to drink without having a hangover?

For beverages, using the VitaLazer® Food Laser can help your body absorb the water more efficiently and keep your body hydrated. Because your body is more hydrated, if you drink alcohol and you laser ALL your drinks, you may avoid the side effects of alcohol; in other words, Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to drink without having a hangover?

It’s Important to Keep Nutrients in Food and Remove Additives.

You consume chemicals, animal hormones, preservatives, dyes, and GMOs without being aware. Monosodium glutamate, or MSG, is an additive used to improve food flavor. It is most commonly used in Chinese cuisine and has been linked to various toxins, chronic sickness, inflammation, constipation, and digestive issues. Keeping nutrients in food while removing chemicals is crucial to maintaining quality.

Your Gut Health Matters a Lot!

Laser therapy for your food may lessen bloating, stomach pain, and constipation symptoms. Constipation can be caused by toxins in the colon and an imbalanced bacterial population in the gut. If you’re constipated, using the VitaLazer® on all your food and drink can help normalize your bowels and allow you to have 1-3 bowel movements per day.

Neutralize food additives for gut health

The VitaLazer® Food Laser Food Laser is beneficial for:

        • Boosting the vitality of food and beverages
        • Restoring nutritional information
        • Enhancing the flavor of food and beverages
        • Reducing sensitivity to harmful food additives and reversing the detrimental effects of microwaving
        • Encouraging a neutral pH balance in our body
        • Encouraging improved digestion efficiency
        • Maintaining and boosting your immune system


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