Laser Combo Special

Get both the
Quantum Clearing Laser and Quantum Food Laser



The VitaLazer™ Quantum Food Laser is designed to:

  • Increase the vitality of food and beverages
  • Restore nutritional information
  • Improve flavor
  • Reverse negative effects of microwaving
  • Reduce reactions to toxic food additives
  • Promote a natural pH balance
  • Encourage healthier digestive function
  • Balance and support your immune system

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The VitaLazer™ Quantum Clearing Laser is very effective in the:

Clearing all types of negative, detrimental, unwanted and potentially dangerous energies that find their way into your mind that can form negative emotions protecting you from other people’s energies permeating your own energy anytime you have been in a public place or around other people that leave you feeling drained,l creating an energetic, harmonized space.

-Read more about the Quantum Clearing Laser-


The device mentioned here is NOT a medical device. It has not been approved by the FDA. The device listed here is an experimental energetic tool only. It is not intended to treat, cure or be a substitute for medical attention in any way. If you have a health-related condition or are concerned about any health condition, please contact your healthcare provider promptly.


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