Money Vision Quest Meditation

The Money Vision Quest Meditation:

  • Clears conscious and subconscious messages, ideas, emotions, and attitudes you may have regarding money and yourself.
  • Opens up the channels in your mind so you can be “open to receiving.”
  • Directly connects you to the Quantum Money Field, bypassing time and space so you may start making and saving more money.



Can you relate? Some challenges people with money blocks face include:

Can’t save money Financial stress & overwhelm Don’t earn enough money Where did all my money go? Working harder not smarter Little or no control over spending Debt is growing or maxed out There’s never enough to go around Credit score low Struggling to pay the bills

Money Vision Quest meditation is a POWERFUL Solution to clearing limiting and negative beliefs you have about yourself and money as a whole!
Listening to Money Vision Quest for 40 days will help you:

Manage money better Attract new clients Receive money unexpectedly Be at the right place at the right time Unexpected projects or job offers show up Earn more money Loans paid back to you expectantly Eliminating debt Keep more of the money you make Powerful wealth building

When you’re making a big financial decision … How does it make you feel? Does it cause stress and overwhelm? Do you question and doubt yourself? Do you make quick decisions that you end up regretting? Or go back and forth until someone decides for you?

Are you ready to do it differently now?


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