Are you "Open to Receive"?

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for achieving personal wellness, professional success and wealth.

You may be asking yourself what does Quantum have to do with my well-being and success?  The answer is simple, Plenty! “Quantum” is the smallest part of the energy that is in and around all of our interactions, and in part, has the largest influence over our vibrational intake and output. Energy (positive and negative) is absorbed into our bodies from our surroundings including people, places and matter. Everything is energy.

Are you attracting and projecting positive or negative energy?

Where your vibrational energy field is at (high or low) determines what and whom you attract. Low vibrations come from doubt, worry and fear in your belief system that affects your wellness and causes physical and mental DISeases, and keeps you stuck in repeating patterns of getting nowhere. Once you learn how to raise your vibrational energy, people with the same higher vibrations will be drawn to you.  When you are in a high vibration you attract high vibrational people, places, and things that are in your best and highest good.

One Quantum Theory on Personal Energy is about the need to positively shift your mindset to attract the wants and needs in your life that are in your best and highest good.   How does this work?  It all starts with the awareness of where your mindset is at (low or high) and the energy you emit and receive in your surroundings.

Quantum Wellness Tools is the place for you to become aware, “let go” of  doubt, worry, and fear, raising your vibration, and “Be Open to Receiving and Allowing.”  You are not here by accident. It’s the right place and right time to start your Quantum Wellness Quest.

– Bonnie

Once you become “Open to Receive and Allowing,” the Universe conspires with you in your Best and Highest Good!


Bonnie Gayle

Bonnie Gayle

I started an accounting business 30 years ago. Our team successfully served hundreds of business owners in mastering their finances, tax preparation, forensic accounting, and restructuring 8 businesses that were on the verge of bankruptcy – turning them around within six months to a year. When I sold the business in April of 2021, we successfully serviced over 150 small business owners nationwide. We work with our clients to thrive while overcoming obstacles and forging ahead in business and life.

In 2020, I began teaching positive money mindset and valued self-worth teachings through online portals in both live and do-it-yourself formats. Money Vision Quest is an evolutionary mindset meditation that I was gifted during a meditation that aids in evolving the listener’s mindset making the elevation process much less emotionally painful. I also lead Quantum Money Mastermind – a 3-month mastermind with personal coaching and insights of mindset elevation along with foundational financial teachings to make and save more money, managing it well.

Bonnie Rogers

Bonnie Rogers

Bonnie’s mission is to help you learn how to nourish and heal both your body and your business.  Her goal is to help you remove the blocks that are keeping you stuck.

As an BioMagnetism Practitioner, Clinical Herbalist, and Holistic Practitioner she supports her clients by teaching them simple ways to shift their current situation.  Change is possible!  Together we work to incorporate foods specific for you to flourish, herbal medicine, magnetic pair therapy and Mindset work to change what is keeping you stuck.

We live in a toxic world filled with pesticides and chemicals.  Our water supply is filled with not only chemicals like chlorine but heavy metals which are toxic to our world.  Bonnie empowers her clients to use tools to reduce or eliminate these toxins by only chemicals like chlorine but heavy metals which are toxic to us.  Bonnie empowers her clients to use tools to reduce or eliminate these toxins by using the following:  Quantum food laser, Quantum clearing laser, Bemer therapy, Vollara air filters, herbal medicine, BioMagnetism sessions (either in person or remote sessions)

The one factor she believes that defines people she’s worked with is they WANT to make a change

  • Being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated
  • It doesn’t mean spending hours in the kitchen
  • It doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune on your food
  • It doesn’t mean you need to give up all your favorite foods
  • Simple steps can make powerful changes in your health.

As a former CPA, working with businesses managing their money, she works with Mindset work to help you to remove the messaging that is stuck in both your conscious and subconscious.  Our DIY Money Vision Quest course is where you should begin.

Bonnie helps you nourish both your business and your health with a holistic viewpoint creating balance within. She looks at how you can shift your body language and energy to make changes in your business and personal health.

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